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Thank you for your endeavours in bringing the truth to the Canadian public - you've made a difference that I believe has and will continue to assist in providing a new path for future positive change for Canadians!

Sally G

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The world needs people like you will fight the fight, talk about the FACTS - not interpretation of facts, and be willing to be bullied by those who don't like to hear the message. You are in inspiration to us all in a fight for a better informed and a balanced world. It is a shame you have to give up the fight for now because there is no money in it - and I am sure we all understand the need to be able to live!

It is sad that the organisations you expose with the raw truth would have misconstrued any payment you received as 'bribery' and 'buying your words' - while they continue to do exactly that!

Thank you for fighting the fight - you have achieved enormous success in 3 short years and I think Canada is a better informed place for it. I hope you will still have the opportunity to speak out to people even as you find full time work - your message is one everyone needs to hear - you can't argue with the facts!

Anne Riegen

Thanks Vivian, for your tireless work. You have made a difference, and put the gears in motion to make a different down the road.


Anne R.

Greg Renouf

Thank you for all of your hard work Vivian. You have been an inspiration to me, and to my work trying to expose these people. Today is a big loss for the truth...


Great Work. New topic could be the impact of Human Potential Movement workshops on governments in BC & Canada and environmentalism - include discussion on charity status of Hollyhock and Haven Inst. How much has our government spent sending employees and political leaders to these types of workshops see studies by Dr. Margaret Singer.


I just recently found your site while looking for both sides of the story about the salmon farming industry. It is equally difficult to find the 'other' side of the story about the oil industry in Alberta. (Fortunately I know a bit about the oil industry, as my husband has worked in it for over 40 years.)
I appreciate all the work you have done to research and thoughtfully document all the things you have found. I'll be coming back here regularly to read your archives!

Catherine Bayne

Thank you, Those of us fighting the Industrial Windfarm scam have thought of you as an ally for putting Suzuki under a microscope.

We will watch for you to reappear like a superhero from time to time when fair questions need to be asked about foul deeds.

Karen S

Thank you so much for placing the needs of Canada at the forefront of your efforts for so many years. I am sure there was a profound impact on your family and friendships. It is disappointing that there are so few individuals who care enough to speak out as you have, and to speak out intelligently. There is an old saying, "Don't confuse the issue with facts....". Seems that is the lifeblood of so many movements that operate under the guise of environmental sustainability. The often stated comeback to exposing self-interest groups/companies is "Oh, so you think this is a conspiracy? I don't believe in conspiracy theories...". Hmm, how about good old economics 201 or Finance 201. Not a conpiracy, just the great industrial revolution moving forward to create more financial resources for fewer and fewer. Pretty basic, money talks and the general population always has been and always will be gullible and naive. A strong leader is not necessarily working in the best interests of the people (or the environment). eg. Hitler, Napoleon. Anyway, I digress. You have put in so many hours and achieved incredible results. I hope you are proud of the work you have done! Thank you so much!!!

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