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I am glad you did this research. Well done. I have been looking at their material and despite claiming transparency, their reports are rather opaque.

I haven't quite figured out what their real end goal is, other than providing themselves with jobs, but I suspect it has a lot do with lobbying for the 'green' energy companies. (Don't get me wrong I all for clean energy, who wouldn't be).

John Hansen

Vince Schutt

I work for Enviromentum, a project of Tides Canada.

I just wanted to share something since I saw this message.

Enviromentum is seeking to develop content based on the sciences of human decision making - to facilitate behaviour change in order to mitigate climate change.

Our work is experimental, but based off of peer-reviewed research. While we have struggled to find major funding streams, TCIS still gave us a runway to explore how to deliver this important charitable purpose to market.

TCIS charges projects a 10% administration fee, to help pay for the services that Tides provides for us projects. As of yet we have contributed very little back as we've had trouble getting funded.

So I don't know where 37 million goes, but I can say that I see Tides staff working very hard to try to support us as best they can. The TCIS is a new model for how to administrate charitable purpose. Its actually much less expensive for the results provided - imagine if every charitable project on the TCIS platform were to write their own by-laws, maintain their own hr staff, maintain their own grant reporting departments.

Without TCIS the cost of administration for all these great charitable purposes would be through the roof, the mental health of project teams would be compromised, and our ability to deliver real value to communities would be crushed.

TCIS is spending this money trying to deal with bureaucracies like Ontario Trillium Foundation, that keep hampering our ability to apply for charitable funding.

Thank you for reading and I just wanted to share my own personal experience as it may be relevant to this conversation.

Vince Schutt,
Co-Founder Enviromentum, a Project of Tides Canada

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