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Ron M

Awesome post! Tides is the controller of all these groups: Greenpeace Dogwood Sierra Club forest Ethics and the like are all one and the same!

Paul Visentin

Hats off to you Vivian for bringing this issue to the forefront in Ottawa which culminated in the new accountability measures for charities. There are many charities that do good work in their local communities but there are some that abuse the system to aid in their political ideology. In the Kootenays we have Wildsight that is largely funded by US foundations. The ten year average for US foundations grants to Wildsight is over 70% of their revenue. Sierra Club, Canadian Parks and Wilderness and others use the system and their US money to fight against any change that they feel is against their mandate. They really don't care if it affects the economy as they only see it as a win if they are able to oppose and object to any new developments. The federal budget also brought in streamlined process for environmental reviews which is timely with the Enbridge pipeline hearings. In the Kootenays Wildsight was able to stall and oppose a resort development for 20+ years. How can we as a province or a nation grow and prosper if projects get stalled in environmental process for 20+ years. Now that the government has given the green light for the Jumbo development to go ahead all Wildsight can think about is how we stop this thru protests. It's time that charitable organizations such as Wildsight, Suzuki Foundation and Sierra Club become accountable to the taxpayers of Canada and BC. A tax free status is a privilege not a right. If they abuse that status then it should be stripped from the charity. Maybe than they can learn what it's like to earn a living and pay taxes like the majority of Canadians do on a daily basis.

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