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C Jones

These are all wonderful questions - and any honest organizations should have no problem answering. But when groups like Tides Canada, Endswell, David Suzuki Foundation etc. do nothing but sandbag you - it says alot more about them.

The best question of all IMHO is #10 - why do we justify shutting down an area the size of Switzerland - the complete Northern Coast of BC stretching from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to the southern end of the Alaska Panhandle at the behest of American Billionaires under the pretense of protecting a Bear habitat that is a tiny fraction of the region? We allow these billionaries get to have their way with our Canadian Resources at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise take for them to gain control over it. How many people's livelihood depends on resource exploitation/development (forestry, fishing, hunting and/or guiding activities) in this area? Does it seem like a poor deal for Aboriginal groups to allow themselves to "pauperized" in the bargain to boot?

I am sure that Alaskan groups would be more than happy to "pick up the slack" from Canadian's voluntarily conceding the marketplace to them and supply such services instead - especially for Americans who do not have to endure the new hassle of passports etc for visiting a now foreign country. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "fly-over country".

Thank-you Vivian for exposing the hypocrisy and deep economic betrayal of these environmental collaborators. I suppose we have no one but ourselves to blame for allowing them to operate for so long un-challenged and un-accountable as they have - boy-scouts that we are.

James Tower

There has to be some kind of law broken here! And if not Canada should make one so foreign influences can no longer manipulate Canadian economic policy!

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