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Nice to see that all your hard work has reached into the PM office.

Bruce Anderson

Congrats Vivian!



Sounds like Harper has already made up his mind for all of us. Why even bother with a joint review panel?

RK in Coquitlam

Today, January 9, Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver stated in the media that there was a radical environmental ideology behind the opposition to the Enbridge project. Harper and Oliver are right when they state that there is a well-defined ideology behind environmentalists trying to stop the Enbridge project. That ideology is found in the field of environmental ethics. Google “Deep Ecology”, “ecocentrism” and “Ecojustice” to find what that ideology is.

As part of its entry on Ecojustice, The Encyclopedia of Ethics by Becker had this to say:

“Ecocentric environmental ethics, ecojustice theorists claim, will remain a mere academic pastime unless it unites with an equally new and revolutionary economic and political theory that offers an alternative to the prevailing identification of development with industrialization, freedom with unrestrained consumption, and democracy with corporate oligarchy.”

Sound familiar in the context of various environmental campaigns?

Heather Olney

Keep up the good work. You've made considerable progress !!

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