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Sierra Rayne

No one should care whether you are funded by one industry sector or another, or none at all. That is irrelevant information. The truth is what is important. If your work uncovers reality, then the sources of funding (if any) are not up for any meaningful discussion. Ultimately, you, and others like you, deserve to be financially rewarded for the valuable work you do. CAPP should at least offer you a full-time job bringing reality to the oil sands discussions.

John Newcomb

Hi Vivian,
You might be independent from BC Government, but maybe they like your "Rethink Campaign" website title enough to include it in their newsletter title,
"BC Times - Rethink, Replace & Rejuvanate: The New 3Rs


Albert F Reeve

Thank you for writing common sense about the protests against Canadian export pipelines by: Americans, Europeans, aboriginals and environmentalists. Sadly, the politics of this seem to rule our liberal tainted Canadian society. It is the age of oil which will last at least another century until the innovators amongst us find a way to fertilize our economy without producing, selling and using oil.

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