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Hunter J. Moyes

Hey Vivian,

I once saw David Suzuki in his natural habitat - Vancouver. He was playing with one of his grandchildren. It was amazing to see such a well-known Canadian out in the open. He was a hero of mine growing up for what he did with the CBC, and later in his career with the environmental community. Y'know what I did?

I left him alone. I thought about all of the people who go out of their way to force their company on him - like yourself - to rub up against something prolific, and I decided to leave him alone. I'd wanted to meet him for decades, but I left him alone. Do you know why?

Respect, Viv. Can I call you Viv? Good.

Now, Viv - if you didn't present your website to him, he would have greeted you as a human being. Since you did, I think that you got what you deserved. In fact, if I were him - I wouldn't have let you get away with a simple "F**CK OFF". I would have lectured you about how shameful it is that you have joined Ezra and his pro-oil anti-progress conservative faux-militia (which, by the way, in case there are anymore "look-where-the-environmentalist-are-getting-their-money" articles coming out about Tides and Vision...is VERY well funded) to stand in defiance of the coming of Canada's new economy and culture. Shame. Seriously. Shame.

I look forward to speaking with you in person.

Oh, and - by the way - you didn't actually talk about climate science at all in the video that provoked this address. Stop playing the politics, and stick to the science (which, by the way, was set to rest in terms of doubt in 1993).


Interesting take on this Hunter but just because u did not want to approach the Millionaire David Suzuki doesn't mean everyone should. He is afterall a public figure and as you heard DS was happy to talk until he found out who she was.Maybe he was expecting a donation.lol. But wait he gets all the money he needs from big American cooperations.And he does have many unanswered questions.
You missed the whole point.Accountable information not confrontation when challenged by his peers as he So often does..fact

Frank Ferguson

Ms. Krause,

Just stumbled upon this drive-by flame by Mr. Moyes -- very sarcastic and insulting. If one can't conduct oneself in a civil and dignified manner, one should not expect to be taken seriously. Snide, snarky, juvenile, and immature are just some of the words that came to mind as I read his comment. Shame, indeed!

That aside, I and many of my friends have not committed fully to one side or the other of the environmental issues as presented by Mr. Suzuki and others, but the issues raised by yourself on a radio show this morning regarding American intervention were intriguing and I intend to attend to your lecture tonight in Ottawa.

As far as Mr. Suzuki is concerned, he was also a hero of mine from the Quirks and Quarks days on CBC back in the day as well as his work on that most interesting of subjects, fruit flies. :) So surprised that he would resort to such rudeness given his public persona.


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