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Ned Ludd

Vivian, this is simply outstanding work. I think that he is facing a superior intellect in taking you on. Plus, he just doesn't have much, if any, credibility after falling for the Gore's "Global Warming" scam. As a scientist he ought to have known that Gore had it exactly backwards. It is warming climates that cause CO2 release and not the other way round. By selling his soul to whoever paid for his opinion, he has brought considerable harm to economy.

Because of people like David Suzuki, we now have a carbon tax that approaches 20 cents per liter of gas. Because of David Suzuki, some politicians believed his pontifications and pushed for things like "electric cars" - which is about the stupidest thing they could do for the economy. Electric cars are "coal powered cars"! The majority of US power comes from coal powered generation plants. Nuclear is a small bit, as is hydro.

So to produce electric cars today, ensures that there will be an increased demand on power and that will ensure that more coal is burned. The net result is supporting electric cars will far worsen the environment that almost anything else we humans can do.

David Suzuki either lacks the capacity to think things through, or he is vocationally committed to and end that is unclear. Either way, I cannot trust anything he says.

Kelly Bennett

That is an excellent response Vivian. And the fact that you gave him a week to review Financial Post op-ed and he didn't afford you the same is quite telling.

Good work - keep it up!!

kim rhodes

I am impressed at how you have exposed the hidden evidence of America's wealthy contributors. This touches a number of industries from oil & gas to recreational sport fishing and tourism. Isn't it ironic that profits made from Canadian consumers are being used to wrongfully influence our purchasing decisions and affect our livelyhood. Kudos to you for standing up for so many.


"This includes, as far as I can tell, every single one of the press releases that the David Suzuki Foundation issued to publicize research about contaminants in farmed salmon, and sea lice..."

As far as I can tell, this is bullshit. Or at least: there is still a ton of material on the Suzuki.org website on sea lice and their effect on salmon mortality. You are confusing your own inability to understand net technology with real insight.

J Webb

Bravo Vivian,
You have had the courage to expose and question what many of us have long suspected. The work you are doing is important for all of us --keep it up! And thank you! JW

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