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Another brilliant analysis.

This needs to be part of the Fall election campaign. If they are really scamming the Charity Act, the moral and legal consequences should be severe.

They seem to have lots to hide given their extreme reticence on answering you questions. One would think that if everything they are doing is on the up & up, if there was no abuse of a Charitable organization, they would want to brag about it.

After all, these are the politically correct, oh-so progressive folks who are intellectually and morally better than us rubes. They insist they know what is best for us, that only they can see the greenie progressive utopian future they see for Vancouver.

Keep up the great work. they can run, they can hide, they can fail to explain themselves.

It just makes their actions look more suspect, their morality look more obtuse, their vision, and Vision, look more illegitimate and illegal.

You have rung their bell and they have failed to answer the call. The public wonders why?

I can imagine those Big Lawyers they have on their side are already burning up the billable hours right now trying to come up with another lame letter to send to you.

Dig, dig, dig. Sooner or later they'll get tired of shoveling, realize they have made a very big grave and then they'll all retreat to Hollyhock to get naked, jump in the hot tub with the Big Brass from Van City Credit Union and pat themselves on the back for being so smart.

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