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That letter is quite amusing. Seems the quality of legal ability at that firm is at best moderate given the Clintonesque parsing of sentences and use of mixed up comparisons.

If they were going for libel chill, they failed.

D.  Soozkooky

Something is very odd about all this Sturm & Legal Drang chill stuff going on.

Very, very odd indeed.

Tides Canada, Tides USA, Endswell, Ms. Newel, Mr. Solomon, Mr. Solomon Co, JSCO, Ms. Burton et al are all birds of the same eco-feather, very muy-simpatico on greenie environmental issues, social justice, progressive causes small & large, Vision Vancouver, tree hugging . . . etc. All peas in the same greenie pod.

You’d think they’d be screaming their support for each other from every roof top & wind turbine, screaming & professing their solidarity for each and all, in for that save-the-planet penny & most certainly in for that eco-subsidized pound.

They all have the same Aim, Goals, Objectives and share similar methods and strategies.

They should be bragging, loudly bragging about how organized they are, how they are working together to fight the evils of modern society & the vile oil industry.

But they are doing the exact opposite. Full speed reverse, backup lights on & blazing, safety horn beeping out a monotonous “we don’t even know each other” beat.

So why the Big Legal push back to try and stifle the public’s knowledge of their operations, why the big effort, an effort that appears to be most disingenuous and purposefully designed to obfuscate and confuse??

Why? The great team, the great common cause, the great eco-crusaders all making huge efforts to appear that they hardly know each other. It is like some bizarre Monty Python sketch.

This is a very fascinating case and Vivian certainly has exposed enough evidence for the tax investigator’s to have a much closer examination for Charity Fraud. The more they try to hide their real connections, try to legal chill Vivian’s investigation into “disappearing”, the more they try and run away from their own purpose in life, the more it says the truth needs to be found out.

Time for the CRA to act to protect all Canadians.


Item 6. response........Are you suggesting that what Tides Canada reported in its U.S. tax returns is inaccurate or incomplete?

Ha ha thats the way to do it.

Keep up the good work.


As someone who in the past was quite involved in dealing with environmental groups, it never ceases to amaze me how 2-faced these people can be.

If an environmental group is threatened with legal action for any sort of perceived or real indiscretion, then the immediate response is that any such legal action is simply an attempt to stifle public debate. They claim it is a SLAPP suit, or Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

But if anyone asks probing questions in a public forum about environmental groups, then the response from those groups is to try and stifle debate through the threat of a lawsuit.

You have obviously touched a very big nerve to have Tides Canada hire a very expensive law firm to threaten legal action. Keep it up. Green groups are not above scrutiny. I think you are covering ground that needs to be covered in the public interest. Rich American foundations should not be allowed to manipulate our electoral process.

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