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Peter ter Weeme


I am really dismayed by your campaign against Tides, Joel, and Gregor and don't understand why you have launched this witch hunt. I thought you were someone who wanted to make the world a better place. Guess I was wrong.

What is so terrible about Tides supporting activities against the tar sands? The tar sands are an environmental disaster as well as a significant source of GHGs. You worked on aid projects in Asia. How is your interference there any different?

Vivian Krause


I am not part of a campaign against any organization nor am I aware of any such campaign. I believe that my questions are fair and important.

If Mayor Robertson is confident that none of Vision Vancouver's campaign finance originated from a registered charity, why doesn't he simply say?

If Tides Canada has nothing to hide, why doesn't it post its U.S. tax returns at its web-site?

If Joel Solomon has nothing to hide, why doesn't he simply answer my questions? Eg. What happened to the $1.4 million that the Endswell Foundation has paid to Interdependent Investments Ltd.? Where did that money go?

Regarding the Tides-funded campaign to "reform" the oil industry, if there's nothing to hide, why haven't the origins of the funding been disclosed?

As for your suggestion that I don't care about making the world a better place, there is absolutely no truth to that at all.



Hi Vivian,

Like your work. We've got some common questions about Canadian Boreal Initiative (CBI)being a non legal entity acting as a project under Ducks Unlimited and moving huge amounts of monies into the Canadian Boreal over the past 9 years from PEW and Hewlitt Foundation @ 60 million. Are they connected to TIDES Canada? CBIis orchestrating ENGOs in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement with the forest products association of Canada- I'm thinking looking for carbon conservation finance opportunities after reading the agreement?

What the

Gee Vivian you are like a dog with a bone.

I am so impressed with this work that I hope you take your skills and read the recently released parkland institute report that explains how in 2008 alone the Government of Alberta did not collect 14 billion dollars in royalties.

I understand you are clearly focused on those opposing the tar pit but since you are simply a concerned citizen with no ties to the tarpit or its backers, not a secret admirer of Ezra Levants and are interested in whats "fair" I look forward to your pouring over the financials of the tar pit players and adding to what is just now starting to surface.

That would be real reporting!

Good luck!!

We will be watching....

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