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Martin Halvorson

A pretty solid answer to all of those "where did she come from challenges" in the press. Apparently they weren't able to find this page in your blog!

I read a lot of things in here that made me go hmmmm, as well, and you confirmed a lot of things that I have been thinking! Thanks!

Jim Charlton

I have read over your blog and strongly believe that you are on the right path. I have never been a Suzuki fan ever since he first came on the scene and watched as thus man trumpeted one flawed cause after another, it was at one point that he got on the band wagon for climate change saying that the modern ice age was upon us and we would all freeze to death in our beds. Then when Al Gore the same Mr. Gore who invented the "internet " went on the climate change rant about our carbon foot prints et al, Suzuki was there like a dirty shirt touting climate change and how unless we do something we are all going to die, yet was this not the same man who took a few buses across the country spewing diesel fumes everywhere???

This entire climate change is NOT as we are told to believe caused by us but is nothing more than the planet doing what it has always done, correcting itself. Yes we have as a people added things to the enviromant and that is sad in itself but we are not the cause of the enviromental problems, or climate change as we are led to believe. its a natural thing what we are facing and in time it will correct itself as it has done in years gone by.

People should not just accept blindly what they are told and should question and look for them selves to seek answers that make sense and not just to placate groups or them selves.

One just has to look at the amount of money that some people are making off the " chicken little " syndrome and feel disgust at what they see and hear. Start thinking for yourself people, look around and ask the question that works for you not what suits society........nuff said

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