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Steve Hopkins

Brilliant research, Pulitzer-level or better. Congratulations on the Op-Ed page in the Sun (finally, and only after they were scooped by City Caucus). Work like this makes local (and several national) reporters look like amateurs or worse.
Is this what the head of CSIS meant by foreign influence on municipal politicians in BC?

Gunny G

Great Job. Keep digging and FOLLOW THE MONEY!


Hi Vivian,

When can we expect "your analysis" of the tar pit players books?

I know they are the victims, poor folks, but it would be interesting to untangle that web for Canadians so they can see how fleeced they are getting.

At least the hollyhacks are bring American dollars into Canada, what are the tar pit players doing in comparison.

We sure as hell know it aint enriching Canadians and most of the poor bastards who have to work in that toxic cess pool do so in deplorable conditions while trading off years of their life, for a few bucks to feed their family.

Also please put your so called skills to work uncovering the corruption of the agenda these behomeths are funding and focus your effort on the fact that what is actually dying besides the ducks is democracy.

Hilary Ostrov

Excellent work, Ms. Krause.

I had heard of the Tides foundation, but had never thought much about it before.

After reading your article (first in the FP) and now here, I doubt that I shall ever be able to think of the name again without the connotation of a similarly named "laundry detergent" popping into my head!

In light of Tides' activities, perhaps P&G may wish to consider renaming their own product - which has now been very uh ... polluted ... by association ;-)

Fran Manns

Follow the money - I have heard the Pew and Hewlett groups funded the Ontario Far North Act ( preserving Boreal Forest Crown Land despite the need to explore it.)laundered thrugh Ducks Unlimited.

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